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National Brush Day

This Halloween: Significantly More Parents Are Concerned about Children’s Cavities than Stomachaches, Costumes, or Nightmares 

November 1st is National Brush Day

New PSAs about Brushing for Two Minutes, Twice a Day with Your Kids Teach Lighthearted, Invaluable Lessons

Dental Health Experts will be available for LIVE Interviews via Satellite on Thursday, October 30th from 6:00 AM – Noon ET


This Halloween it may be witches, ghosts and goblins that frighten kids, but parents are most concerned about what the sweet treats will do to their kids’ teeth. According to an Ad Council survey, significantly more parents are concerned about children’s cavities than stomachaches, costume choices, or nightmares, this Halloween.  In addition, 3 out of 4 parents said their kids sometimes or frequently forget to brush their teeth.


Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease in the U.S., and the CDC estimates nearly 1 in 4 children under the age of five already have cavities. More than 51 million school hours are lost each year due to dental related illness, resulting in parents losing 25 million work hours annually.


In recognition of National Brush Day on November 1st (the day after Halloween), and to create awareness about the importance of children’s oral health, the Ad Council and The Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives, a coalition of more than 35 leading dental health organizations, created the first joint national public service campaign designed to teach parents and caregivers about simple ways in which they can help prevent oral disease. The English and Spanish-language campaign first launched in August 2012 and includes television, radio, print, outdoor and digital advertising. New public service advertisements (PSAs) stress that while most parenting is difficult to do in two minutes, such as teaching kids how to cook or ride a bike, making sure kids brush for two minutes, twice a day is something a little simpler.


The campaign website, www.2min2x.org, includes a section where parents and children can watch entertaining videos—all two minutes in length—while children are brushing their teeth. Campaign media partners include Cartoon Network and My Kazoo!, all of whom donated snippets of videos, which are featured on the website. Campaign partners will promote Kids’ Healthy Mouths in the weeks leading up to National Brush Day (November 1), and throughout the year.


For more information, please visit www.2min2x.org.


Spokespeople will be available to discuss:

  • New Survey Highlights: What parents say about their kids’ dental health habits.
  • Health Effects: The surprising and far-reaching impact of poor oral health on children.
  • Real Life Advice: Simple tips, info and online resources for parents, caregivers and children.
  • New Campaign Public Service Announcements (PSAs): Humorous TV and radio spots in English and Spanish that highlight why teaching kids to brush is easier than most other things families tackle each day.
  • The Partnership: Why leading dental health organizations continue to work together to combat this chronic and prevalent disease.


About the Experts:

  • Kristina Guerrero is a successful TV news journalist, producer and blogger, former host of E! News, and mother of a one year old son.
  • Dr. Maria Lopez Howell is a general dentist and American Dental Association Spokesperson in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Dr. Edward Moody is in private practice in Morristown, TN and President of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Beth Truett is CEO and President of Oral Health America.

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Hang Ten

Want to install Windows 10 on your own PC? We’ve got you covered with the instructions, although it’s just like installing any other version of Windows.

You should not install Windows 10 on your primary PC. Use a test computer or a virtual machine.

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Channel Surfing

Choosing the best Wi-Fi channel on your router helps to reduce interference and improve your WI-Fi signal. These tools will help you identify the least congested Wi-Fi channel in your area.

Wi-Fi channels overlap with nearby channels. Channels 1, 6, and 11 are the most frequently used for 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. These three channels are the only ones that don’t overlap with each other.

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Junk Food

Every Windows user is fighting a constant war against junkware that legitimate application installers try to sneak onto our systems. Here’s everything you can do to protect yourself from obnoxious browser toolbars and all that other junk.

Never mind the bloatware that comes preinstalled on new PCs — that can be removed by reinstalling Windows or doing a deep-cleaning when you get a new PC. The junkware that tries to sneak onto your system afterward is a constant problem

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Down the Drain

Remember when uTorrent was great? The upstart BitTorrent client was super-lightweight and trounced other popular BitTorrent clients. But that was long ago, before BitTorrent, Inc. bought uTorrent and crammed it full of junkware and scammy advertisements.

Whether you need to download a Linux ISO or do whatever else you do with BitTorrent, you don’t have to put up with what uTorrent’s become. Use another BitTorrent client instead.

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Not-So-Perfect 10

Windows 10 is a huge step forward into the future! Or wait, isn’t it a step back? Either way, it’s a technical preview that isn’t finished yet, which gives us a huge opportunity to help shape what the final version might look like.

Let’s face it, Windows 10 is basically justWindows 8 with a Start Menu and windowed “Modern” apps, which you can get with third party software like ModernMix. Even the newVirtual Desktops that were integrated are not much different than what you can get with third-party software.

And the whole reason we have a Windows 10 is because Windows 8′s reputation is terrible, and the changes forced on power users were so annoying that many people just jumped ship after 20 years of using Windows.

So why are so many tech people acting like we should defer to Microsoft and wait to see what the final release is like?

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Perfect 10

The Windows 10 Technical Preview is now available to everyone who wants it, but Microsoft’s claim that it’s an early build is no joke. There are bugs, driver issues and other problems that make it a poor choice for your primary computer. If you don’t have a second PC to install it on, however, don’t fret. We’ll guide you through the new Windows one screenshot at a time.

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Blast from the Past

Love the speed and security of Windows 8, but miss the transparent look of Windows 7? Or maybe the blues and greens of Windows XP?

Here’s how to make Windows 8, or even 8.1, look like your favorite version of Windows from the past.

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Up in the Air

Using Windows Update to deliver novel features could have been awesome, but then Microsoft got ahead of themselves. Again.

In preparation for a rapid release cycle, Microsoft promised to deliver more than just security fixes with Windows Update. To reflect this change, they renamed the age old Patch Tuesday into Update Tuesday this past August. Unfortunately, the novel features included in the anticipated new kind of update were underwhelming. Worse, some updates caused havoc for a subset of users, forcing Microsoft to immediately pull them.

It’s not the first time that Windows updates have caused trouble. In combination with its other annoying features, such as forced restarts and delayed shutdown and boot, this might encourage some users to disable it entirely. Please don’t!

Instead, we urge you to review how to customize Windows Update and we demonstrate how you can protect yourself from faulty updates and yet keep your operating system up to date and secure.

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Learn to Share

Cloud storage isn’t just for your own personal files. You can use it to easily share files without any hassle. Share files back-and-forth with your friends and colleagues, or make them available to the entire Internet.

Shared files can automatically sync to each person’s computer, or you can access them via the web or mobile app. It’s a more convenient way to share files than emailing them back and forth.

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