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On and Off

Pros & Cons of Forced Updates in Windows 10

Updates will change in Windows 10. Right now you can pick and choose. The final version of Windows 10 Home will force every update onto you, though the behavior will vary in other editions.

This might sound good because everyone will automatically get the latest security updates, but there have been instances in the past where system updates caused more harm than good. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of not being able to turn Windows Update off.

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Do Over

It happens to everyone: sending a message to someone or posting something you shouldn’t have and being unable to take it back. You’re solely responsible, and once it’s out there, it’s out there – or is it?


The luxury people once had of being able to write out a letter and shred it to pieces before mailing it is no longer available. Emails, texts, and tweets all get sent through the internet instantaneously, and in a typically busy life, there’s no room for waiting or reconsideration.

The best tactic to use to avoid the occasional online blunder is to prevent the unfortunate from happening.

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Check Up

How to Use Google’s New Privacy Check-Up Tool

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Google gets a lot of flak these days when it comes to privacy concerns. And rightly so. It has a lot of your personal data and if the recently released Google Photos is any indication, they have no plans for slowing down.


But there’s some good news. Google is at least trying to be transparent about this issue. Instead of burying settings that let you opt out of some of the crazier trackers, they’re now putting a lot of it front and center (not everything of course, this is Google, after all).

Google has released a brand new My Accounts page (complete with Material Design goodness) where you can monitor everything related to your account. This section also includes two check-up tools: Privacy Check-up and Security Check-up.

At first glance, the Privacy Check-up tool might look simple. It’s just a step by step process with toggles to turn features on or off, right? Wrong. There are popups, help pages to read, confirmation pages to dodge and Google’s clever PR writing to read through.

So for the greater good, we’ve created this walkthrough (yes, like those game walkthroughs you look up every time you’re stuck in a mission in GTA) to help you out. Let’s get started.

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Back to Work

A reboot can put a real dent in your productivity — here are some tools and tips to help you pick up from where you left off, without missing a beat.

Most Windows user are likely to have experienced this scenario; you’re working away and making good progress, when suddenly your PC tells you that it needs to restart. When it’s up and running again, all the files, folders, and applications you had open are nowhere to be seen; instead of getting back to work, you have to reassemble everything you need for the task at hand.

What if there was another way? With a bit of forward planning, you could have the utilities you need to get back to work in an instant. Here are some tips on making sure that reboots don’t derail your work.

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Back Seat Driver

Your drivers might be outdated and need updating, but how are you to know?

A driver is software that communicates with your hardware to make it work with your operating system. If you’re having system trouble, like a printer not working or games crashing, then it might be indicative of your drivers needing updating.

Drivers are available for your video card, audio, motherboard and much more. However, you don’t always need to update your drivers for the sake of it. If everything is working well on your system, then you might be better off leaving everything as it is. If they do need updating, though, we’ve rounded up a number of different methods to help you.

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Turn Me Off

If you are anything like me, you hate seeing all the popup notification balloons that Windows shows.  These range from computer security alerts, to update alerts, and more.  Today we will teach you how to disable these notification balloons in Windows 8, 8.1, and 10.

Please note that this tutorial is about disabling system notifications, however, if you want to disable the application specific notifications, otherwise known as Toaster notifications, you will need to read How To Disable Toaster Notifications In Windows 8.

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Just the Fax

You can sign a PDF document from your phone, tablet, or any other computer and email it off to someone. But some organizations still don’t accept documents via email — you may need to fax documents instead.

No, you can’t use your smartphone’s phone connection as a fax machine or dial-up modem. You’ll need to rely on an app or third-party service that does the faxing for you, just as you would sending the occasional fax from your PC.

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Webinar Tomorrow

Implants can enhance the quality of our patients’ lives. Learn how to enhance the quality of your implant dentistry in this free webinar. Whether replacing a single tooth or an entire edentulous arch, advancements in technology, such as CBCT, planning software and CAD/CAM, allow dentists to virtually develop a restorative-driven treatment plan that produces predictable results. (This is the first session of a two-part series.)

Learning Objectives:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning using CBCT and planning software for a single tooth to full arch.
  • Case acceptance techniques and how to attract implant patients.
  • Restorative techniques including immediate provisionalization, impressions and final prosthetic delivery.

Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3889478769068396802

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Out With the Old

When should you buy a new computer?

It’s actually quite difficult to know. Most of us learn to live with the quirks of our PCs even to the point of embracing its whims. We know which bits work, which bits don’t, and when we need to wiggle the USB plug to make it connect properly.

As a result, we often struggle on with machines well past their prime. It needn’t be the case. Here are seven signs that it’s time to upgrade.

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Knowledge is Power

Have you ever stopped and wondered, how much does Google know about you?Turns out, it’s a lot. But for the first time, the search giant is offering a way for you to check the information it has about you, how it is gathering that data, and new tools to start reclaiming your privacy.

Google has launched My Account, a new hub to find out all the privacy and security implications of using its many services. In a blog post, the Internet behemoth said, “According to a recent Pew study, 93 percent of people think it’s important to control access to their personal information, and 90 percent care about the type of information that’s collected about them. But only 9 percent feel they have ‘a lot’ of control over it.”

So that’s where the new service comes in: MyAccount.Google.Com

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