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Pass the Salt

Setting a password on your Windows 10 user account is great for security, but forgetting what that password is can be a headache. If you’ve found yourself in that situation, you’ll want to read our guide below on the various ways that you can reset your password.

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Not a Team Player


A few days back, several users experienced, what must have seemed like a scene straight out of a horror flick, their PCs automatically opening several windows, browser tabs & mouse pointer swerving across the screen trying to log in to Paypal.

Well if you also experienced something similar to this, don’t panic, no spirit possessed your PC. Chances are you might be a TeamViewer user and one of the several affected ones due to widespread hacking of TeamViewer accounts.

Majority of the users reported few days ago but some users also claimed experiencing such an attack as far as six months back. But even after the numerous reports, TeamViewer was adamant on not admitting it got hacked and instead blamed user’s poor password choices. Anyway, we are not here to judged if TeamViewer was at fault or not, but what we are concerned about is the potential of such an attack. When an attacker has direct control over your PC he/she can do damage in umpteen, dangerous ways.

TeamViewer might look like the main culprit here but removing it is not viable or logical. A single person’s account can also be hacked and other alternatives are also not one hundred percent attack-proof. Moreover, TeamViewer is a necessity to many to provide remote tech support to their family without dealing with ports & IP addresses. So we will look at some of the general precautions you can take to shield yourself from the such attacks.

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For Better or for Worse

Roughly three years since its last major update, Microsoft has finally brought Office into the modern working world.

This new version, called Office 2016 on both Mac and PC, is the first to have collaboration and sharing tools that closely match what Google Docs has had for years. You can finally work with other people on a document, spreadsheet or presentation in real time, seeing what they are editing as they make changes.

Microsoft also added integrations with its search engine Bing and messaging and video-calling app Skype. These welcome additions blend seamlessly into the apps and continue Office’s tradition of having special extra features that it’s competitors don’t.

For Office, which in recent years has been challenged by cheaper (or free) alternatives, the news is a big deal. It keeps Microsoft ahead of the pack, especially for customers who can’t get by with another application. But can the updates do anything to win back folks who switched to the apps that Google and Apple have?

There’s no definitive answer to that question, because it all comes down to what you need from these kinds of programs. Office and Google Docs, the two apps I’ll focus on here, both have pluses and minuses. I’ll explore the features in both that make them worth your while so you can ultimately decide which program to pick.

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100% Fail

Ever since I started using Windows 10, every time I opened the Task Manager in detailed view, the disk usage activity always touched the mark of 100%. If not a century, it was always above 90% which was quite odd. For the first few days, I thought that it might be because of the heavy video rendering that I did on my PC for our YouTube channel related work. But after a few weeks I realized that even while my system was idle with no major background processes running, it was hitting the 100% mark just for disk usage. The CPU state was mostly idle, going from just 2 to 10%.

high disk use

It was enough to convince me that it’s not the workload that’s causing my PC to be slow all the time with obnoxious disk usage. It was time to find a solution and after hours of online research, I managed to find out some working tricks. These tips solved the issue on my PC and now my computer shows decent disk usage with a significant improvement in performance.

So if you too are facing similar issues on your Windows 10 computer, here are the 4 things that you should check on your PC.

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Extension Cord


Installing extensions in web browsers can provide some very useful features. However, if you install a lot of extensions in multiple browsers, you might forget which you installed in which. We have an easy solution if you use Chrome, Firefox, and/or Internet Explorer.

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In this day and age, there’s no reason to shut down your computer, then sit through the boot-up process when you want to use it. Save yourself time by putting your computer to sleep or hibernating it instead.

Modern computers–whether they’re laptops, desktops, or tablets–are designed to be used in this way. This applies to Windows PCs, Macs, Linux systems, Chromebooks, and everything else.

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In the coming weeks, Microsoft will push more than ever for you to upgrade to Windows 10 because from July 29 on the upgrade will cost $119. For Microsoft, it’s more valuable if you upgrade now — for free — because Windows 10 creates long-term revenue and it’s easier to support.

And we all know you won’t pay to upgrade your old Windows 7 or 8 machine.

Microsoft speculates that once you do wake up to Windows 10, chances are you won’t go back. Maybe you’ll enjoy Windows 10 or you won’t know how to downgrade. But what if you do want to continue running Windows 7 or 8?

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Trash Heap

Getting rid of electronics isn’t as simple as just taking them to the landfill and leaving them. You also can’t just leave them in the recycling bin with your cans, bottles, and papers.

Nope, recycling electronics properly isn’t that simple. But it’s doable, and it’s important! Check out the link for everything you need to know about getting rid of your electronic devices properly.

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Stay Away

Malware is the bane of the Internet. Seriously, few things on the web are as dangerous as contracting malware, and few things are as time-consuming as the process of malware removal. Avoid at all cost.

But here’s the thing about malware: It’s not enough to install a top-notch security suite. You’ll have to change your bad security habits and start doing what the experts do.

And if there’s one habit that you must kill as soon as possible, it’s the carefree downloading of software from any and all sites. Today, free software download sites are one of the most common sources of bloatware and even malware.

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Long Distance Runaround

There are two kinds of VPNs. The first is the kind that you use to mask your activity on the internet as a way to increase your security and privacy. The other kind is what you’d use to connect to your home network from a remote location.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to set up the second kind of VPN using nothing more than your own router and something called DD-WRT.

DD-WRT is an open source router firmware that grants you more control than most stock routers. The process of setting up your own VPN server isn’t trivial, but it isn’t overly complex either. Here’s what you need to do in a step-by-step format.

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Safe and Sound


Every day we get to hear about new vulnerabilities and online hacks. Hackers are preying around to steal your crucial data. The most recent hack was of XDA-Developers forum. Though no user details were compromised. Android smartphones are already suffering from different vulnerabilities. And, we all are fighting a never ending war to protect our privacy online. So, among all these cyber hassles what can you do to protect data? What can an average Joe do? Well, don’t panic. We have you covered.

In the past, we had shared some extensions for secure browsing on Chrome. But, here in this guide, I’d like to go a little broader. I’d like to explain to you the basics of security in browsers (no matter what web browser you use) and also add some cool tips that will give you complete safe browsing experience. This guide is simplified for the Average Joe.

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The top search engines in the game — Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo, to name a few — all scour the web every day for millions upon millions of web pages to add to their search results. Yet still, when you search among each of these services, you’ll virtually never get the exact same results. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could search all of them at once to maximize your ability to find what you’re looking for?

Well, it’s certainly possible. There are several websites and apps that have combined all the best engines into a single search so you can get a side-by-side view of each results page. This is especially handy for gathering up all the top news articles across the Internet or a wide variety of images. Check out the best services for searching multiple engines.

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Important Webinar!

One roadblock that stops dentists from growing their practice is… time?

You read that right. Time.

There is never enough time in the day to run your practice and steadily increase your new patients while maintaining an ongoing relationship with your existing ones.

If you’re like most dentists or office managers I speak with, there are more to-do items on your list than there are available hours in the day.

I have great news for you…

On June 15th, you’re going to change that.

Digital Dentist has partnered with Lighthouse 360 to teach you 5 ways you can automate your practice tasks AND help keep your chairs full.

This 100% FREE training webinar will teach you how to automate your to do list, freeing you up to focus on what you do best – ensuring your patients have the care they need.

During this training, you will learn what over 10,000 other practices have implemented:

  • Which tasks you can automate & how to automate them by using automated patient communication tools
  • The most effective way to reach out to all patients – including how frequently you should reach out for maximum results
  • What other practices are doing to give themselves a competitive edge and how to implement it in your area

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!

Wednesday, June 15th, at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PST:


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Free and Clear


It’s been more than a year since we drew attention to the crapware regularly foisted upon unsuspecting users by pretty much every big freeware site, including the venerable SourceForge. Since then, a few sites–including SourceForge themselves–have started cleaning up their act.

Most freeware download sites still use shady tactics, unfortunately, cramming their own installers full of unwanted software and misleading advertisements down your throat in order to make a buck. But now that a few are getting better, we wanted to give credit where credit is due–so consider this an ongoing list of sites that have made things right.

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Scanning the Horizon

Not all scanners are created equal. Even if you buy a top of the line model, it might not be the right tool for the job, and you’ll waste time, get inferior results, and curse the day you bought the wrong model.

Why the Scanner Type Matters

Sure, all scanners perform the same process: they use a combination of mirrors, glass, a light source, a CCD chip (just like the one in your digital camera), and some combination of belts, motors, and rollers to move the document and/or the pieces of the scanner around in order to capture your paperwork or photos in their entirety.

But while they all capture images from paper, the way in which they do so, the quality in which they do so, and the amount of effort you have to invest into loading and scanning each individual document or photo varies enormously between models.

Depending on the material you need to scan, and the frequency with which you scan it, the difference between buying the right scanner and the wrong scanner is the difference between “I love this thing! I push a button and I’m done!” and “I’ll admit, at the back of my office closet is an old scanner and a box of stuff I need to scan…”

With that in mind, let’s look at the four types of scanners you’ll find at your local electronics store and how each of those scanner types meets (or fails to meet) a certain set of needs.

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Take Your Dental Practice to the Next Level!

Why is it that some dental practices seem to always be on top of their game, consistently increase their client bases, easily get positive patient reviews and just run a more efficient practice? Is there something that they’re doing that is so different from other practices? Well, it turns out that the answer is yes. Dentists who have incorporated modern technology into their front desk communications have reported:

– Increased Production

– Improved Collections

– Stronger Patient Loyalty

– A More Efficient Front Desk

This is why more and more dentists are turning to Weave’s innovative technology that syncs their practice management software and phone systems into one simple tool.

Weave distills down the most essential data from your PMS, integrates it with the data from your business phone and at the moment the phone rings, funnels only the most relevant details for that patient (name, age, last visit, family members, whether they have an outstanding balance) into a single, simple, elegant desktop interface, which works like a magic prompt to help foster more productive and meaningful conversations between your front desk team and your patients.

Want to learn more? Sign up here for a free demo!


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Get Shorty

It’s hard to believe Windows 10 has been available for close to a year. Even through Windows 10 isn’t perfect, reception has been generally positive.

When Windows 8 was new, we compiled a mega-list of Windows 8 shortcuts to make getting around easier than ever. Windows 10 introduces a whole slew of new shortcuts, including apps, keyboard shortcuts, touchscreen gestures, and more — it’s time to refresh that list!

Let’s take a look at all the different types of shortcuts available in Windows 10 that you can start using now.

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Core of the Matter

The processor is the brain of a computer — but understanding the difference between processors requires a lot of brainpower of your own!

Intel hasn’t made it any easier for customers with their strange naming schemes, and the question we get asked most often is: What’s the difference between an i3, i5, or i7 processor? Which one should I buy?

It’s time to demystify that. In this article, we won’t be touching on Intel’s other processors like the Pentium series or the new laptop-centric Core M series. They’re good in their own right, but the Core series is the most popular and confusing, so let’s just focus on that.

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These hidden Windows tools can prolong your PC’s life and save you if disaster strikes.

We tend to take it for granted that our PCs “just work”. It’s easy to forget that (like any piece of technology) they need regular maintenance and fine tuning to prolong their life and keep them working smoothly. A number of often overlooked Windows applications can help you keep your computer up to speed.

Some of the tools mentioned will rectify a problem. Others have features that are worth using immediately because they’re good preventive measures to ensure you’re protecting your PC, in case disaster is nigh.

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Leaky Faucet

Reports that a massive leak of webmail accounts includes a huge number of credentials never seen before has been met with a mixture of panic… and doubt. How accurate is the news, and could your Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook or Yahoo Mail credentials be in the mix?

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